Kubernetes Integration with Python-CGI

Here, I along with my team members — UTKARSH PANDE , PRANESH PRASHAR have created a WebUI app that integrates the Kubernetes command. This app creates a UI page that will run using the voice commands given by the user.

Here, Kubernetes uses Docker to launch pods using deployment.

Some of the features of this WebUI app are as follows:-

👉 It can launch pods with the specific names given by users.
👉 Run deployment using the image and name given by the user.
👉 Expose services on given user input port number.
👉 Scale the replica according to user needs.
👉 Delete complete environment created.
👉 Delete specific resources given by the user.

GitHub link for the codes: https://github.com/vinayak04u/task-9.git

Thank You!!!




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